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Through Soul Art, I invite you to take a journey. To develop the spiritual muscle of your own inner ear in a unique and creative way. Soul Art Courses will help you to discover the strength and enlightenment which comes from developing art as a spiritual practice. A gift you can access daily, weekly, whatever feels right to you. Using my Sacred Journey Method, you have the power, and permission to bring more joy, wisdom and inner strength into your life. To be clearer about your path, because you are consistently attuning to the love and light within. 

"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home," Matsuo Bashō

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What is My Power Colour?

An intuitive process to help you find the colour which reflects your personal vibration, for a deeper connection to the divine within. Let your inner wisdom guide you to more strength, joy, confidence or empowerment.

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Mandala Journey

A journey of self-discovery through intuitive, creative expression. Through connecting with the sacred circle of the mandala, we seek unity, wholeness, balance and harmony. The mandala shows us who we are, and also, who we are becoming.

Awakening Your Soul Power

Take this sacred journey into wholeness, awakening your intuition, your soul power. In this comprehensive guided online course, we experience the Sacred Journey Method to its fullest. Learn the techniques which help you develop a deep connection to your higher self. Let go of what's holding you back, and connect with who you really are.  

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Soul Discovery Sessions

Do you have a specific goal when it comes to your life or spiritual progression? My one-on-one sessions gently support you to access the Sacred Journey Method for guided, intentional enlightenment or transformation. I stay present with you, to provide guidance to explore, discover and find the answers you seek, within.

I really enjoy the Soul Art sessions.  It's a time of stillness and healing.  Combining two things I love, mindfulness and art, I'm always surprised at what rises to the surface each week."  


What is the

Sacred Journey Method?

The Sacred Journey Method is a safe and unique process, which combines transpersonal art therapy, meditation and intuitive practice. Apart from being a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist, I am also a Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor. This method combines all of those intuitive practices in one powerful, transformative process for inner exploration.