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Soul Art Journal

Channel Your Inner Guide Through Art

This ebook invites you to take a journey inwards...

I created this ebook to empower women like you, to hear your inner voice as you journey through life. Soul Art Journal is designed to bring you closer to your true soul path and support you towards becoming the best version of you!

Soul Art is intentional art with a purpose

We aim to connect, explore, expand, and come to understand.  We allow what was unknown to become known through our art.  What was unconscious can now become conscious.  We find meaning in the colours, shapes and symbols that appear in our artwork and each element can hold deep meaning for us in the context of our life. ​Being open to explore and hear the messages our artwork has for us, shifts us towards change and transformation.

Connect with your inner guide

Through the themes and Soul Art prompts in this book, you will explore and connect with your inner landscape and channel your inner guide.   You will open to symbols and intuitive messages as you connect, create, and reflect. Be open, curious, and most of all, enjoy the journey!

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Soul Art Circle

Use art for self-discovery and soul-recovery so you can unlock your inner wisdom, enhance wellness & shift into wholeness.

Small group sessions for connection,

expression & inspiration.