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Downloadable Affirmation Mandalas

Relax & De-stress your body & mind...

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While you are colouring, slow down your breathing and release any tension you feel in your body...
Each mandala has a theme or INTENTION with an affirmation you can repeat while colouring if you feel drawn to do so.
Feel free to amend the words so it truly resonates with you, or create your own.  

Mandala Journey Ebook

Create your own powerful mandalas! The Mandala Journey is a comprehensive 54-page eBook, which guides you forward from the inside out.


It contains 20 spiritual and creative practices you can use any time based on the powerful Mandala. Plus, all the guidance you need to access the Sacred Journey Method for personal and spiritual transformation. Explore themes such as:


  • Self-love

  • Abundance

  • Direction

  • Release

  • Power

  • Purpose

  • Clarity

Through intentional art practice, we open a window to the soul

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BONUS! Receive my guided video process Inner Wisdom Mandala, to show you how you can apply the processes in practice

PLUS! 10 free Mandala colouring pages for meditative practice.