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Get into the driver's seat in your life

Lately, does your life seem like a series of events happening to you, not through you? Maybe, your career, relationships, or finances feel off track? 

Have you got a sense that you were meant to play bigger, to live with more purpose?


That underneath all the busy chaos, there’s that someone you were born to be...


But who and where, is she? 

My friend, you are not alone.

So many women feel disconnected from life, and who they are at a soul level. Often, we are looking for answers outside ourselves.


We sign up for courses we never get around to finishing. We ask for advice from friends or even professionals.


But somehow it doesn’t fit. In the end, we’re following someone else’s path. Seeking, but never finding, the answers.

Your soul knows the way, let's listen.

What if there was a way to find more clarity, confidence, and direction?


To find an answer that doesn’t come from someone else, but from within yourself.


Through the powerful Mandala and the Sacred Journey Method, you can access the powerful guidance you have inside you.

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“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself,” Rumi

The Mandala Journey is a series of 20 processes designed to bring you closer to your soul path.

Through the sacred Mandala, you will see, sense, and express from the inside. Exploring who you are, your feelings and your life. 

You will open to messages, symbols, and signs from your Higher Self (your inner wisdom). 

You will strengthen trust in your intuitive voice - your soul wisdom, as you follow your creative urges and express freely in your own unique way. 

The Sacred Journey Method combines transpersonal art therapy, intuitive practice, and meditation in one powerful modality for personal transformation.


It is not about perfect artwork or learning artistic techniques. It’s about soul communication and insight.


A way to cut through your internal narrative and busy mind to find the place of truth and wisdom below the surface.

You don't need to be arty, this is spiritual creative expression. 

Yoga at Home


Quiet the mind and go deep within. The creation of the mandala allows you to access the space of meditation from which truth flows. 

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Expression and creativity will unfold in the colour, shape, symbol, form of your choosing. Your mandala is a perfect expression of beauty, truth, and self.


Reflect on your artwork’s personal meaning and insight. The messages your Higher Self has for you are revealed.

What's inside?

The Mandala Journey is a comprehensive 58-page eBook, which guides you forward from the inside out.


It contains 20 spiritual and creative practices you can use any time based on the powerful Mandala. Plus, all the guidance you need to access the Sacred Journey Method for personal and spiritual transformation. Explore themes such as:


  • Self-love

  • Abundance

  • Direction

  • Release

  • Power

  • Purpose

  • Clarity

Through intentional art practice, we open a window to the soul

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BONUS! Receive my guided video process Inner Wisdom Mandala, to show you how you can apply the processes in practice

PLUS! 10 free Mandala colouring pages for meditative practice.

Why the Mandala?

The mandala is a ‘sacred circle’ which symbolises a container for the qualities of self, just like your physical body is the container of your qualities within. The unconscious images, symbols and metaphors that appear in your mandala artwork is your psyche's way of integrating the conscious and unconscious aspects of your being.


It's a way that your soul can speak to you.


Are you ready to listen?

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“An amazing discovery and insight of myself I had never known before.  Thank you Angela for introducing something that I will always use as a tool for growth, healing, joy and inspiration" Miss J.


The Mandala Journey is perfect for you if….

You want to access a wiser more self-assured version of you.


When you open the door to this practice with my simple Mandala Journey, you are giving permission for your Higher Self to take the wheel.


Imagine creating a spiritual practice where you no longer feel stuck in fear or indecision. A life where you allow the sacred, more divine version of you to live and flow in your everyday life.


What would that feel like? How would that transform your life?

Who is the Mandala Journey for?

The Mandala Journey is not for you if….

You want to learn art.


This is not an art class. You won’t find tips on technique or how to use different mediums in the best way. This is your chance to play as a creative, spiritual being.


It’s important to you that your art is perfect.


What your artwork looks like really doesn’t matter. It’s the meaning you make of it. In seeing light and shade in perfect imperfection, we grow.


You want answers from outside yourself


The only person who can interpret this artwork is you. This is a chance for you to believe in your own power. To open the door to radical self-acceptance and self-love.

Meet the author

Hi, I’m Angela! Transpersonal Art Therapist, Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Teacher. I am so excited that you are about to take this journey. I know that if you open yourself to the Sacred Journey Method through the Mandala Journey, you will feel so empowered. And you should feel like that. Every day.


As women, we are taught that being a ‘good girl’ and following all the rules will lead to success in life. We give away our power in big and small ways from a young age. Lady, it’s time to get it back!


This might be a simple eBook, but it will teach you something important. To trust yourself and the wisdom you always had. It will open you up to a journey of soul-discovery, and I can’t wait for you to take it.

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Each experience created by Angela is unique and one has a greater understanding of oneself."  Helen

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What an incredible...experience...It’s amazing how much insight, awareness and emotion I felt during the session" Rose 


Thank you so much Angela for taking me on an adventure of the mind, body & soul" Miss M. 

Take the Mandala Journey

Explore and create 20 Mandala processes around life-changing themes such as:


  • Self-love

  • Abundance

  • Direction

  • Release

  • Power

  • Purpose

  • Clarity

Mandala Journey E-book.png

58-page eBook

Includes a BONUS guided video process Inner Wisdom Mandala, to show you how you can apply the processes in practice

As well as 10 free Mandala colouring pages for meditative practice.

Check out safely via my Teachable learning platfom.

What happens if I don't step into this journey?

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Actually…nothing. You save yourself a little time, and a little money, and nothing in your life changes. But you know what? 


Nothing in your life changes.


And friend, you’re not here by accident. I know you’re here because your Higher Self is calling you. For less than the price of a massage, you can give yourself the best gift of all. A chance to recognise and see yourself with radical self-acceptance and understand the depth of your personal power.