Brain Dump!

This art therapy activity is helpful when you have a lot going through your mind. It's especially helpful to be able to put our thoughts aside for a while or let some things go completely. Our mind has a tendency to grip onto our thoughts which makes them continuously swirl around in our head!

This is also a great warm up activity to do at the beginning of group sessions as well, because it helps participants shift towards being more present.

When people arrive at a group or even a one-on-one session, quite often, they can have stressful thoughts about getting there, being late, parking troubles, things they forgot, everything else they have to do later, what they're going to cook for dinner! As a group warm up activity, it's excellent, and I do this for both groups and one-on-one sessions with clients.

You could try this at the end of the day to let go of things that have happened, or before you go to bed to help you release 'stuff' before you go to sleep.


A piece of paper

Coloured textas, crayons, oil pastels or pencils.


1. Draw a large circle or thought bubble (doesn't matter what it looks like)

2. Fill the shape with colour, images, words, lines & symbols to represent all the stuff in your head that you want to put aside for now or let go of.

3. Add a healing/calming colour around the outside and where ever you need it on the inside. Perhaps there are some specific elements you would like to smooth out, change or transform. Trust yourself to make the changes you need, through your artwork. Add colours and symbols that bring in a sense of calm, flow, healing and positivity.

My Brain Dump!


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