Experience is Sensory

Updated: Mar 30

As we go about our day we are experiencing life (work, play, events, people, places...) on a sensory level, not just on a mind level. When we see something beautiful we don't just have thoughts about it we SEE it, FEEL it (physical sensations & emotions), we can HEAR it... and can even SMELL it or TASTE it... All of our senses are engaged and involved in our 'experience' of that moment.

Using only words to describe our experiences can seem very inadequate! We can get 'lost for words' or can't find the right words to describe our experience. We can be experiencing so many layers in that moment (visuals, sound, taste, feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, memories...) that it's difficult, if not impossible sometimes to express it all verbally.

Through art and creative processes we can express the many layers of our experiences, along with duality of thoughts and feelings - e.g. sometimes, we can be feeling happy AND sad at the same time.

Art therapy gives us an avenue of expression that can be much richer than words alone - allowing us to touch and understand the many layers of our inner world.


Soul Art Prompt:

Think of a time when something touched you deeply in a positive way and express this in an artwork. Connect with how you experienced this moment through all of your senses.

REMEMBER: There's no right or wrong way to express! Let yourself be free to represent the many layers of that moment in a way that feels natural and right for you. Allow yourself to shift into an intuitive and spontaneous state of flow as you create.

Moon Magic

Above is an artwork of a moment that touched me deeply. Late in the afternoon, I was taking a walk along the beach and saw the biggest, brightest, most magnificent full moon I'd ever seen. I had the most amazing feeling of openness and love flow through me. The colours around me looked brighter and the world just seemed magical... I felt like I was frozen in time...I couldn't stop looking at it and didn't want to leave. I felt like I wanted to stay there and soak it in and merge with the moon so it stayed with me forever. This moment in time was so powerful for me that I still remember it to this day, years later.


Soul Art Journal ebook

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