Gratitude Mandala

Updated: Mar 30

10 min activity

This is a very simple exercise to acknowledge the good things in your life! Cultivating an attitude of gratitude makes us feel happier, more relaxed, and can reduce feelings of stress. Remembering what we DO have in our life is so important and something we so easily forget to do as we continually strive for more. Take 10 minutes to remember what you have in your life... you will feel light, happy and wonderful inside!


A piece of paper

Plate to trace a circle

Oil pastels, crayons, or textas

Black texta/marker


1. Use the plate and black marker to trace a circle on your page

2. Sit for a minute with your eyes closed and think about all the things that you have in your life... remember all of the simple things (food, water, shelter), the people who support and love you and also tune in to the wonderful things that are yet to come your way!

3. Represent your feeling of gratitude and/or draw symbols to represent some of the things you are grateful for.


Some things to ask yourself after doing this activity:

How do you feel after doing this activity?

Connect with the feeling of gratitude and tune in to your body - notice how your body feels.

How do you feel when you look at your artwork?

What symbols have you used in your artwork and what meaning do these have for you?

Was it difficult or easy to think of things to be grateful for?

How can you bring more gratitude into your daily life?


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