How Art Heals

Updated: Mar 30

Art-making is extremely therapeutic and brings so many benefits! It’s been proven to reduce stress and blood pressure and enhances our mood. It engages all of our senses and a person can feel a deep sense of expression and connection during the creative process. Through art-making, we can delve deeper within and access parts of ourselves not known before – parts that one usually doesn’t access during the every day cognitive or thinking state.

As a Transpersonal Art Therapist, I use art as a means of expression, enquiry, discovery and meaning making. It’s the process along the way and how we find meaning in our art that is the most important thing, not the creation of an aesthetically pleasing and perfect product!


Much of our internal world is beyond words - there are things we just can’t express because they are a sense... a feeling that is sometimes vague and definitely intangible. What I love about art-making is that it gives us an avenue of expression that is much richer than words alone.

We can express a vague feeling or concept through colour, movement, lines, shapes and symbols...


There is no right or wrong way to express and it doesn’t have to make sense to our logical mind. A sense of satisfaction and relief can come when we are able to put feelings and intangible aspects of our inner world into form, in an artwork.

We can then see it, explore it, discover new insights, a new perspective or gain clarity. It can be an amazing and powerful experience!

The outcome of my own journey with art-making is a greater sense of integration and wholeness. I feel like I have shifted into a more authentic version of myself with a deep feeling of being more complete. I certainly have more acceptance for ALL the parts of me by taking inner journeys through art.


We can do art-making with any goal or intention in mind.

We can explore difficult problems to gain insight and new perspectives, we can express new and existing aspects of the self to transform them or strengthen them. We can do art to release difficult emotions and of course, also just for fun!


Art-making strengthens our intuitive, inner voice as it tells us to move our brush a certain way, put a shape in a certain spot... and when it reveals a clear message to us we realise something magical and powerful has just happened. When we work spontaneously, trusting ourselves and our intuitive voice during art-making we step into our own power.



Art establishes a connection between the body and the mind. When we are totally engaged in art-making we are completely present, grounded in the present moment and in sacred connection with ourselves. We touch the deeper, quieter part of ourselves which promotes healing as we find some 'space' within... being able to then find meaning and insight through looking at our art and what we see in it, allows us to better understand ourselves and our life.


When we are engaged in meaningful art, we allow ALL of us, our body, mind, heart & soul to be heard and understood.


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