The Sacred Circle

Updated: Mar 30

Circles are sacred and represent unity, balance, wholeness & completeness.

Everywhere we look we can find circles! The sun, the moon, our planet, our eyes through which we see…

There’s something special about a circle. As two ends meet and come together to encompass something or create a ‘sacred space’ (think campfires, sacred circle gatherings) it gives us a sense of ‘completeness’ or ‘wholeness.’


Try this Process:

Continuously draw circles on a page – big, small overlapping... draw circles in whatever way you like.

Don’t get caught up in the design though, shift into the creative flow and the feel of drawing circles without attachment to what it looks like.

Slow down your hand movements, slow down your breathing...and try swapping to your non-dominant hand. Drawing with my non-dominant hand forced me to naturally slow down . I actually really loved swapping hands! It also uses our brain in a different way creating new neural pathways.


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