DUE TO COVID19, I'm presently not facilitating group Soul Art sessions.

But, there are many ways that you can still experience Soul Art!

Head to my courses page to find out. 

SOUL ART is for women who:

• Value a deep spiritual connection to themselves

• Value, and want to trust their inner voice more

• Know all of the answers they seek are ultimately within them

• Are taking responsibility for their lives and well-being

• Want to step into their power


SOUL ART can help you to:

• Solve personal or business problems

• Gain clarity and insight

• Get a new perspective on something

• Strengthen your positive qualities

• Embody new intentions

• Connect with your inner 'knowing' (your intuition)

• Strengthen trust in yourself

• Be your own best guide

• Express yourself in new ways

• Increase self-awareness

• Know what you need

SOUL ART sessions are a non-judgemental and supportive, small group setting for women (max 4 people) where you can explore in new and rich ways, and gain deep insight into various aspects of your life.


Intention based, intuitive art with a purpose. 



Each session has a specific 'intention' or theme that forms the basis of our creative expression and exploration.  Some theme examples we have explored in the past are: My Inner Warrior , Nourishing Myself, My Inner Wisdom, Self Healing, Personal Power, Life Purpose.

Exploring aspects of your life and your inner world through art-making gives you deep sense of expression and helps you feel more connected to who you are, and how you want your life to be.  Sessions are a combination of creative expression, mindfulness, visualisation and body awareness - a holistic and deeply nourishing experience. 



Free and spontaneous self-expression is encouraged and you don't need any artistic ability!  

I'm not teaching you technical art skills - the class is about being free to express in YOUR unique way and finding personal meaning in your art.  




There's no right or wrong way to express!  SOUL ART is about working intuitively, getting in the flow, and seeing into the deepest parts of your soul  - the focus is more about the process and how your art is speaking to you (it's message), not the end product and how it looks.   




 "This was such an eye opening class. I would recommend this for relaxation as well as working through issues."

"I really enjoy the Soul Art sessions.  It's a time of stillness and healing.  Combining two things I love, mindfulness and art, I'm always surprised at what rises to the surface each week."

"What an incredible healing Art Therapy experience with Angela. It’s amazing how much insight, awareness and emotion I felt during the session and enjoyed my exploration and reflection of the creative process. Angela is an intuitive mentor and I highly recommend art therapy to others."